Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014




MOUNTAINS 100% Wolle 100x200
We often sing it out loud, our good old favourite song "Ain't no mountain high enough". It makes us dare to dream and it is part of our philosophy that one should always be the best possible of oneself. Is there any better way to do so than to remember that there "Ain't no mountain high enough"? Wear our MOUNTAIN scarf as a reminder of the positive things in life. It will warm both your mind and your body.

KISSED BY THE RAIN 100% Wolle 100x200
KISSED BY THE RAIN was inspired by lonely nights of walking the streets with the rain pouring down. Haven't we all done this once in our lives when we were either heartbroken or just needed a break from our hectic everyday life? Just yourself and the wet empty streets, clearing your mind in the silent night. Wrap up in this fantastic scarf and we will help you feel better.

KISSED BY THE RAIN 100% Wolle 100x200

SPIDER WEB 50% Seide 50% Wolle 100x200
A SPIDER WEB is not very sexy one might say! Nevertheless, we were fascinated by these pieces of art made by spiders. Did you know that spiders spin their own silk and that some can actually produce up to eight different types of silk for the web making? We are impressed! It is both art and architecture. We love the unique graphic lines and somehow we feel connected..

SPIDER WEB 50% Seide 50% Wolle 100x200

ONCE UPON A TIME 100% Baumwolle 100x200
ONCE UPON A TIME is about fairytales and soft winter moods inspired by the bedtime stories of our childhood. We learned that you should never forget that life is a fairytale! You may be born an ugly duckling but nobody can stop you from growing into the most beautiful swan, because life is what you make it...

TAKE ME HOME 100% Baumwolle 100x200

We love maps! All kinds of maps, but mostly the topographic ones. They are small pieces of art, filled with details and information. Our TAKE ME HOME scarf will help you find your way when you get lost. The design is based on the topography in and around Copenhagen, our back yard. It is a fantastic place and you should come visit soon. Just put on your scarf and you will find your way..

ANGEL 100%Viskose 140x140
Sometimes you feel that you are all alone, but still it seems that there's someone looking out for you. It is a multitude of angels and they are playing with your heart. Let us be your guardian angel! Give in to this awesome scarf and we will help you feel warm and comfortable, being your cosy friend at all times.

MOIRÉ 30% Seide 70% Viskose 100x200


We just love stripes! Stripes are everlasting and never go out of style. Our striped scarf is designed to make the effect of MOIRE; stripes which combined with each other make new patterns. The scarf is darker around your face and lighter in the ends. It is casual but never boring.

All scarfes comes in a beautiful gift box.